"Come, come again, whoever you are, come!
Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come!
Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times,
Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are."

Welcome to Lebanon pearl of the Middle East and the world.

Welcome to Ali Akbar Maktabi ethnographic Sufi private museum in memory of our father 100 year birthday and to our beloved father, mother, sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, sheiks teachers and respected dervish Sufi masters

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi With a souvenir picture with several nomadic and tribal Derviche Sufi Masters from the midle east visiting Isfahan Iran 1925 during a collective and religious meeting on the occasion of Mevlana Jalaleddine Rumi Birthday.

My grand father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi last souvenir picture sittting in his official chair in Isfahan Iran in 1910. Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi is the founder of the Maktabi family and who have served Mevlana Jaleleddine Rumi Mevlevi Derviche Sufi Order in Isfahan until his death.

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi with 4 unique 17th century authentic carpets bought in central Asia during his journey to Samarkand to visit a dervich sufi master. These pieces were sold to european carpets collectors. This picture was taken in 1925.

We dedicated this ethnographic Sufi private museum to the lebanese people as an heritage and cultural gift symbol of our love, respect and affection to Lebanon

A private collection containing the following items: persian, turkish, oriental nomadic and tribal Sufi rugs, carpets, kilims, persian, oriental and ottoman textiles hand embroidered in silk and gold plated threads, manuscripts, holly Korans decorated with golden miniature designs, books about sufism, mysticism, poetry, chariaa laws, brass, cooper, silver, mosaic, miniatures, pottery, glass and crystal decorative objects, as well as a selection of dervish Sufi costumes, dresses, and other items.

Wish you will enjoy your time by visiting this website and to make a spiritual meditation trip, a journey back in time with this unique educational and cultural encyclopedia which contains more than 750 objects detailed and separated in 42 collections in two galleries with full information's about the origin, the history, the material, the age and the estimation value of each item.

The estimation value of every piece is based upon its origin, condition, material, age and the time required to achieve a similar piece in our present time.

We expect to appreciate the patience, precision, art and craft of the tribal nomadic dervish Sufi hand weaver and artist.

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This collection has no political or religious views
Nothing from Ali Akbar Maktabi ethnographic private Sufi museum collection is for sale

Ali Akbar Maktabi ethnographic private dervish Sufi museum

Beirut Lebanon

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi in his golden age busisness period with his new Ford car bought specially for his business journeys between Iran and the midlle east with his cousin Hajj Ali Asghar Maktabi. This picture was taken in Beirut Lebanon in 1930.

Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi young brother transporting carpets on the back of a donkey from a rural nomadic and tribal locations in iran. Picture taken in 1930.

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi resting with his assistants and with their donkey carrying a valuabel collection of antique carpets bought from nomadic and tribal houses in north east of Iran and sold to european carpets collectors. This picture was taken in 1930.


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