My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi With a souvenir picture with several nomadic and tribal Derviche Sufi Masters from the midle east visiting Isfahan Iran 1925 during a collective and religious meeting on the occasion of Mevlana Jalaleddine Rumi Birthday.

My grand father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi last souvenir picture sittting in his official chair in Isfahan Iran in 1910. Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi is the founder of the Maktabi family and who have served Mevlana Jaleleddine Rumi Mevlevi Derviche Sufi Order in Isfahan until his death.

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi with 4 unique 17th century authentic carpets bought in central Asia during his journey to Samarkand to visit a dervich sufi master. These pieces were sold to european carpets collectors. This picture was taken in 1925.

Aliakbar Maktabi Ethnographic Private Sufi Museum is a unique museum collection with a wide variety skills of nomadic art and tribal sufism from Iran, Afganistan, Turkey and other arab countries in the midle east.


My grand father Aliakbar Maktabi was born in Esfahan - Iran 1850. He was a tribal handmade carpet weaver, a poet, a teacher in the mathnawee values, sufism, mysticism and islamic philosophy.


In addition to his profession he was devoting most of his free time in serving in Esfahan the Sufi Mevlevi order of the mythtic master and philosophe Maulana Jaleddine Roumi.


He had strong relations with many sufi derviche masters as well as nomadic and tribal chiefs. he established, supported, financed  and created many small handweaving persian and oriental carpets workshops and set  a standard to follow until his death in 1920 in Esfahan.


My father then inherited  the old  business as well as a wide collection of genuine handwriteen manuscripts such as holly korans decorated with golden miniature and many manuscripts in mysticim, sufism, poetry, medecine, chariaa law as well as fine collection of embroidered textiles with silver and gold plated threads, derviche sufi nomadic and tribal costumes,  kilims, brass, cooper, silver, glass, pottery, ceramic and nomadic sufi decorative items.


My father Aliakbar Maktabi created strong relations with  the tribal and the  nomadic chiefs and expanded their handweaving of persian and oriental carpets from Iran to other arab countires, Europe, America and Japan after gaining a high reputation for the high quality of production.


In 1920 during his first trip pilgrimage to Mekka, he visited several sufi masters as well as nomadic and tribal chiefs in Turkey, Irak, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon where he got married a master sufi daughter and established for himself a second home and a business center for his production in Damscus for genuine handmade persian and oriental carpets.


My father liked very much Lebanon, which was the pearl of the orient and had a wish and a vision of establishing a private ethnographic museum in which he could display all mystic ideas of sufism to the rest of the world, including his private collection.


On his 100 anniverssary birthsay occasion  we decided to dedicate this museum in memory of our beloved father who passed away in 1950 and our beloved mother who passed away in 1975 and will named as Aliakbar Maktabi Ethnographic Private Sufi Museum.


As this private collection is testamented as a donnation to a humanitarian welfare assossiation for the blind, therefore nothing is offered for sale.


We like to get in touch with all cultural organizations, museums, universities, collectors and amateurs interested in ethnographic sufi derviche, nomadic and tribal arts and crafts.


Kindly email us for any request or information.


Aliakbar Maktabi Ethnographic Private Sufi Museum will be financially supported by Aliakbar Maktabi Foundation for weaving  tribal persian and oriental carpets and kilims.


For more informations about our projects  in handweaving persian and oriental tribal rugs and carpets  and kilims we recommand to visit our internatinal and export sale web at:


Hope you enjoy visiting oue web museum collection and aprreciate the wonders, arts, skills and crafts of the sufi derviche nomadic and tribal artists in order to find peace and tranquility in your spirit and soul.



God bless you.


Aliakbar Maktabi Ethnographic Private Sufi Museum


Beirut Lebanon



My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi in his golden age busisness period with his new Ford car bought specially for his business journeys between Iran and the midlle east with his cousin Hajj Ali Asghar Maktabi. This picture was taken in Beirut Lebanon in 1930.

Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi young brother transporting carpets on the back of a donkey from a rural nomadic and tribal locations in iran. Picture taken in 1930.

My father Hajj Ali Akbar Maktabi resting with his assistants and with their donkey carrying a valuabel collection of antique carpets bought from nomadic and tribal houses in north east of Iran and sold to european carpets collectors. This picture was taken in 1930.



Aliakbar Maktabi Ethnographic Private Sufi Museum hope you will enjoy looking at our museum webside and appreciate the art, the craft and the skill of the sufi tribal and nomadic handweavers and artis productions and to have a chance to make a meditation trip through this web exhebition